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    Tuesday, January 10, 2006

    A Plethora Of Crap

    I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. The girls just went back to school yesterday and all ready they have tomorrow off for professional development for the teachers. They have Monday off for Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday and the following Friday (1-20) off. I've had it with this damned school district! My kids have only gone 2 full weeks of school since the start of the school year. If the school district would quit with all the days off, they could be finished with the school year at the beginning of May. As it stands, barring any more snow days, they won't be done until the middle of June.

    I hope I have been able to entertain a few of you over the last couple of days. I've been in a humorous mood and I'm not sure why. I guess I'm trying to ward off the Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD). It's hard to stay upbeat when the sun has only shined twice in 18 days. It's kind of blah here in Michigan right now since all the snow melted and it's just plain ugly, brown and muddy. I feel like Mort on Northern Exposure. He was the old guy who bought the funky visor light and wore it 24 hours a day instead of the recommended time. Only instead of a visor I'm using humor to ward off SAD.
    On another tangent, MamaKBear tagged me and the challenge was to list your first sentence of each month of 2005. Since I didn't start until the end of September, it won't be too long.

    Sept. 2005: Wow, just realizing that life is passing me by and quickly. That was me realizing that I had been married most of my adult life and being with Mr. Sign more than half of my life.

    Oct. 2005:
    People probably don't realize how important signs are. I was trying to have a theme based blog thinking that my life at work would somehow be interesting.

    Nov. 2005: A friend that is a professor has a theory about a woman's hair. Me wanting to think that my short hair was somehow sexy.

    Dec. 2005:
    Happy HNT! Pretty self explanitory.

    Jan. 2006: You aren't just the life of the party, you are the party! One of those cool tests that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Okay, so maybe that was the Tequila making me all warm.

    A long, long time ago, Pantylines tagged me. I'm sure he has waited with bated breath for this:

    You've been tagged! Here are the rules;
    Five weird habits of yourself

    So here we go into the world of the freakish SignGurl.......

    1. I only like ketchup on my hamburgers and hot dogs.

    2. I read everything including the backs of toilet paper packages and all road signs. I can't let something pass my eyes without reading it.

    3. I can't function unless I have showered at least once a day. I can't imagine going into public without a full shower including washing my hair every single day.

    4. I sleep entirely in the nude. I can't stand binding night clothes that end up twisting around me. I have to be able to slip and slide around the bed freely. My nickname in bed is Flipper. (I'll leave that one up to the imagination.)

    5. When sleeping, I have to have a cover on me. Even if it's hot. It gives me a feeling of security. In the winter I sleep with the window open and have 2 down comforters wrapped up to my neck with only my head poking out.


    SignGurl said...

    Blogger is being all pissy right now. I know this post looks like crap but it was the best I could do.

    Is anyone besides GiGi and I having a problem getting comments emailed to them?

    MamaKBear said...

    You sleep with the window open in the winter?? In MICHIGAN?!?! Sheesh!

    I'm the same as you on number 4.

    Been getting all my comments as far as I know...will check my email again in a bit to see.

    scumbag said...

    yer profile pci says "whore". i love whores.

    scumbag said...


    SignGurl said...

    MamaK~Yes, I like it in the 40's or less when I'm sleeping. Isn't it freeing to sleep naked?

    Cap'n~ *blushing* I love a man who flips ya off everytime you see him.

    Thomcat said...

    i hate how some school districts pull that crap ... ugh

    and your weird habits ... sounds normal to me ...

    gigi said...

    HI Jenn.
    Still having trouble.
    Haven't been laid.
    Nothing new.
    Bye Jenn.

    SignGurl said...

    Thom~I swear I'm considering parochial school right now. You're right about my habits. Boring me.

    Gigi~Where have you been? I've been all over this Blog World looking for your ass.

    tami said...

    You're weird.

    But that's what makes you endearing.

    Viva la Heinz!

    I have to have covers, too. I don't know why - maybe to keep the scary Gladiators from grabbing my feet. (Yes, I have issues, dear.)


    Suze said...

    Hi Jenn, I'm feeling much the same these days. I keep having to fight against SAD but some days it's really hard.

    I try to throw myself in to writing for the blog, that can be difficult on days like these.

    Let's take a deep breath and face the day with a smile. Even if it's a shit day! Here's one from the UK :)

    gigi said...

    My ass is soooooooooo HOT I must share it with the world!

    Chrissie said...

    i'm the same as you! Well not the ketchup thing i like that on a LOT of stuff... cottage cheese... fish sticks... mm if you add a bit of Tabasco its really yummy! Same with mayo! add tabasco and you got a great dipping sauce!

    but the sleeping in jammies...? BLEH NOOoo... and the covers... if its really cold not even my head is out... but I have to have something, in the summer i just sleep with a sheet... I like those jersey cotton ones. :)

    Barney said...

    Weird shit Jenn!...but i guess everyone has their foibles,,,i wont eat pork unless its thinly sliced...and i also sleep naked, not with the pork tho!..LOL ;-)...I AINT that WEIRD!..Hehehe!

    I may just steal this idea for mine! :P

    Quazirob said...

    #4 also. Even in Socal during the winter when it does get gloomy, That SAD affects me, bad sometimes.

    SignGurl said...

    Tami~Dear, you DO have issues and that's why I like ya!

    Suze~You get to keep yourself all warm and tingly for your blog so that must help with the SAD.

    Chrissie~You're scaring me with all of those toppings. I'm with ya on the sheet thing.

    Michael~Thank God you aren't THAT weird!

    Rob~I have absolutely NO sympathy for someone living in SoCal! None, nada,zilch!

    Mike said...

    Well, the disadvantages of living in the frozen tundra. Brown, muddy, and snow will effectively keep most southerners out.

    Laurie said...

    Flipper, eh? ;-)

    I have SAD, too - I'm hoping a bike ride tomorrow will cure that!

    SignGurl said...

    Mike~I'd like to invite you up here just to check it out.

    Laurie~Hope you get that ride tomorrow. I could use a ride of a different kind, *laugh*

    Oswald Croll said...

    I feel completely compelled to read in the bathroom. I have 2 books and like 8 mags in there, and I have still read everything twice. I will actually read the ingredients on tooth paste of junk mail, anything to pass the time.

    SignGurl said...

    Os~LMAO! I don't actually take stuff to read, I just find things like tissue boxes and toilet paper packages. I wouldn't want to blow my cover.

    buddha_girl said...

    I am SO the same with the covers deal. In the summertime I keep my house so freaking cold that I NEED comforters piled on top of me. When I had Buddha this past June, I had him swaddled in more blankies than you could count. I wasn't about to sweat. No thank you.

    Linked with that is the shower deal. If showering at least once a day is weird, I'm weird with ya! I can't function in society if I haven't been able to wash my hair. Ick.

    Ketchup? If anyone puts it on a hot dog, I gag. Ack.

    ~Deb said...

    Hey Jenn,

    The best thing to do for SAD is to get enough sunlight. If you can’t be outside- or if it’s just too cold, try tanning for at least ten minutes per day—(if you can) … I find it helps a lot. Another option is to take vitamin D---this is the vitamin that we lack during the winter season as the ultra violet rays are not sufficient enough during this time. Try it…but nothing beats pure ultra violet rays. Everything in moderation, right?

    Ketchup…Hmmm…I don’t like them on my hot dogs, but I do prefer them on my hamburgers as well as my scrambled eggs. Mustard is the only thing I can put on my wieners. (Ha---a lesbian talking about wieners! Go figure)

    My girlfriend sleeps entirely nude. While this is a TREAT for me---- I can’t do this myself. I need to be warm—I’m talking about Wigwam socks, nice warm sweat pants and a sweat shirt. I know---not so sexy, but hell if I’m gonna freeze my arse off in this weather. In the summer, just a tang top and boxers.

    Great little tidbits about you!

    Anonymous said...

    I'm with you on numbers 3 4 and 5 except the window open thing..you've got to be kidding.

    just a side note, I keep getting undeliverable mail notices from here about my posts.

    Thomcat said...

    i never said your habits were boring ... they are normal to me, since i do pretty much the same!

    sugarpunk said...

    just so ya know sign.. i only like ketchup too.. :)

    Big Pissy said...

    I have to have covers too! No matter what!

    SignGurl said...

    Buddha~I can picture you swaddling little Buddha up.

    Deb~Wish I could get a tan but since skin cancer runs in the family I don't do it. Ok, I do in the summer and probably too much.

    TC~I have no idea why blogger is boinging my comments. I haven't had one emailed to me since Friday.

    Thom~You know the more I read these, the more normal they are.

    Sugar~There is no such thing as too much ketchup for me.

    SignGurl said...

    Big P~Even if it's 100 degrees, I have to have a sheet.

    pantylines said...

    about damn time LMAO.....good stuff though

    SignGurl said...

    PL~I'm a woman who keeps her word, damnit!