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    Wednesday, May 31, 2006

    Help! I'm Drowning In Activities

    The next week and a half are going to kill me. #2 is leaving for 4th grade camp and my stepdad is going with her. I'll be running the sign shop. #1 graduates from 8th grade tomorrow night and I'm in charge of the food. Friday #1, my mom and I are going on #1's class trip to Chicago for the day. We'll get home after midnight. Mr. Sign is graduating from college (finally!) on Saturday morning and it's an hour's drive.

    The trip to Chicago is 4 hours by bus on a good day. 8 hours on a bus with 13 & 14 year olds. Ugh! You should see the itinerary. There is no way in hell that we are going to be able to do everything.

    • Science & Industry Museum 10 am
    • Shedd's Aquarium 11:30 am, Adler Planetarium if time permits (ha!)
    • Lunch and shopping on Navy Pier 1:00pm
    • Sears Tower 2:30pm
    • Shopping on Michigan Ave. 4:00pm
    • Leaving Chicago 5:30pm (yeah, right. Just in time for rushhour.)
    I mentioned to the teacher (who has never been to Chicago) that there is a little thing in the city called traffic. I also mentioned that going to the Field Museum would be a better choice since it's within walking distance to Shedd's and the Planetarium. This woman has not clue. The teacher also thinks it's only three hours to Chi town. Another mother and I tried to convince her that four hours on a Friday is being optimistic.

    My mom and daughter have never been to Chicago so it will be fun to see their responses. I've been dozens of times and it's my favorite big city. I only hope this trip doesn't kill us all.

    I hope the next week and a half don't kill me.


    DZER said...

    yikes! sounds like an insane schedule ... and you're right; that teacher is dreaming!!

    also ... first comment, biotches! heh.

    Sal said...

    Ok, I'll propose a new rule. No Killing SignGurl! All in favor.

    barman said...

    Sal I second it. Now lets start that vote. I think it will be unanomous.

    One and a half hours per activity including travel to and fro in Chicago, it will never happen. Mapquest says you can make Chicago Navy Pier in 3 hours, 30 minutes. That is with perfect tracfic which I have never seen in Chicago and not on busses. If you are lucky maybe 4 hours. I think I would plan on a VERY VERY LONG DAY. It does sound like fun however. I have not been to Chicago in ages.

    Good luck on the next week and a half.

    Suze said...

    Ooh can I come with you? I think I could cope with 13 and 14 year olds.

    Well Jenn you can never say you get bored.

    Nonny said...

    Holy crap! That is quite the schedule. I've never been to chicago but would love to visit some day. You only have and hour and a half at the first museum? I don't think your gonna get to see all that much. Stay sane K?

    SignGurl said...

    DZER~ I love being first too but only during sex.

    Sal~ You are always looking out for me. Let me know it I can ever do the same.

    Barman~ I've never made it quicker than 4 hours and I drive like a bat out of hell. I'm trying to think about this as an experience.

    Suze~ Can you imagine what the boys would think about you. I bet they would have a hard time getting off the bus with you there.

    Nonny~ You could spend 3 days in the Science and Industry Museum and still not see everything. I'm thinking I may need to drug myself for this trip.

    barman said...

    How about Jello Shots Sign Gurl ... for the kids!

    BTExpress said...

    The only way that schedule can be kept, is if no one gets off the bus to walk around any of the places they want to stop at.

    Are you coming to the HNT get together in Chicago in July? I'll be there so you better "Be there or be square".

    sassinak said...

    um but
    it takes an hour just to get in the DOOR *at* the museum.

    is she serious? even if i had never been to chicago i would know that was impossible.


    g'luck babe.

    Kristen said...

    Damn, Good luck!!!!

    Jodes said...

    chicago rocks!! but not on a bus with teens....go back with some girlfriends and do it up right!!! I am from Illinois and very familiar with the windy city.

    crabcake said...

    What you need, is a day of play with a horny pig.

    PS. You're a horny nekie cat on the cowpie HNT.

    cadbury_vw said...

    people who don't plan for traffic and inevitable snags in travel time and plans drive me up the wall

    your idea on using the closer museum is sooooo true. when chaperoning large groups of students/young adults bus ride time between activities is always to time they get in the most trouble/fighting/bickering.

    Big Pissy said...

    Whoa! Good luck with all that!

    Makes me tired just reading about it!

    terry said...

    jeez, talk about a short-attention-span itinerary...!

    good luck!

    p.s. i love chicago. it's too bad it will be so frigging stressful for you on this trip.

    Anonymous said...

    Wow ... all I can say is good luck!!

    Manny said...

    I love Chicago!!! Make sure you buy shoes. They have great shoes there.

    The Taker of Gist said...

    Chicago... ah, the memories! I once used Gist to create a pressure seal around the Sears tower. The crowds were immense.

    Richard Nixon even showed up and started singing showtunes. But I put a stop to that.

    Manny said...

    PS, I wear in between a 5 and 6.
    It depends on the shoe. I get size 6 when the toe is pointy.
    Just in case your'e feeling gernerous. ha ha

    buddha_girl said...

    That teacher is living in Bizarro World.

    I'LL plan the next damn field trip. Sheesh!

    Trying to keep 13-14 year old kids on a schedule like THAT in a city like Chicago is like ASKING....no BEGGING for a stroke.


    Here's to hoping you've made it home safely...and no murdered that idiot teacher.

    sassinak said...

    yeah i'm dying for the update