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    Tuesday, May 30, 2006

    Humidity Can Kiss My Butt!

    It was 95 degrees F on my deck yesterday. It's supposed to be just as hot today. I have to say that I was sweaty in spots I didn't know where possible.

    Mr. Sign was on the phone last night to his sister. I had had a couple of drinks trying to recover all of the fluids I had depleted during the day ;-) I decided to go into the bathroom which is close to where Mr. Sign was. I let out the loudest belch you have ever heard, courtesy of the alcohol. I started to giggle hysterically and couldn't stop. Girls, I know this giggling has happened to you but men never seem to understand. Once I recovered from my gigglefest, I had tears running down my face so I decided to blow my nose. I'm one of those annoying people who sometimes has to make that honking noise when I clear my nasal passages and it sounds like a goose. Once again I was thrown into a fit of giggles which echoed in the bathroom. Mr. Sign yells out, "Is everything ok in there?" I couldn't even respond because I was just gone. He was trying to explain to his sister that I'd had a few drinks and he thought I would be ok. I can't believe a few drinks could make me lose myself like that. Good times!


    DZER said...

    gotta love a woman who can belch like a champion ... heh

    Michele in Michigan said...

    LOLOL--I smiled through this whole post LOLOL

    Been there, done that til my face hurt!!

    barman said...

    Oh my, way to funny. The sad thing is the more you try to stop, the worse it gets. The good news, giggling like that has to be good for you.

    My brother always honks like that when clearing the nasal passages. I would have felt right at home.

    buddha_girl said...

    Oh boy! I've had the giggles like that more than once in my lifetime. Most of them have occurred when I was a kid sitting in church while the Catholic priest stared daggers at me. I'll giggle and blow snot with you any day of the week!

    I hope you have a day ABUNDANT with laughter! (Your doctor may have experience, but he's still a loser in my world.)

    Suze said...

    Jenn, are you sure you only had a few drinks and you didn't just loose count? LOL

    I was once talking to a customer face to face and let out a noisy fart. My face must have been a very dark shade of red but like a trooper I continued to speak to him. He was very good and didn't even smile. :D

    Sal said...

    Very cool sweetie. Smiling Tuesday!

    Nonny said...

    I know exactly what your talking about. My family calls it "monster laugh" because it comes on really fast and there is no stopping it. Too funny!

    David said...

    Wow, you are a real women. I like the template too.

    gab said...

    I get that way too...but I also snort when I laugh and given long enough I wet my pants

    American Navel said...

    Women are so cute when they are giggley.

    Manny said...

    Haahaahhaah. Hilarious.

    I can belch pretty loud to after a beer. You see, I don't really like beer so the first one has to go down fast. real fast. Then When I start to feel the buzz the rest are easy.

    Would you think bad of me if I told you that farts make me laugh?
    ha haaha

    Thanks I need this. Now I have to go fix my make up. The tears.

    MilkMaid said...

    Mr Sign's question of 'is everything ok in there' cracked me up.. LOL...FUNNY!

    95 and humid is our norm for most of the year. Except Christmas and then the humidity is tolerable for 8-10 days LOL!