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    Thursday, June 15, 2006

    What Can I Say?

    A huge thank you to everyone who read the previous post. I wrote it because I needed to vent. I'm not sad or upset. I just felt like spouting off.

    Most people who truly know me are happy for me. The support has been incredible from both cyber friends and real life friends and family.

    A special thanks to CrabCake for always going out of her way to make me feel better. She makes her blog friends the center of her blog and is always supportive of them. Here is her newest cheer for me. You rock, Crabby!!!!


    crabcake said...

    Aw. I love you like a sister, kiddo. No thanks necessary between sisters.

    Of course you do realize I plan to come during your surgery with my video camera, beer, and chips and salsa. LOL!

    Not to fret. I pinky swear not to drop crumbs in your incision.

    one said...

    I totally support your decision. We've both though about doing it many times.

    buddha_girl said...

    Oh my God, she is HYSTERICAL!

    Jenn, due to some uncertain circumstances, I might be communing with the knife this summer as well. I'm hereby pledging to take pictures of the entire ordeal. I will post them...ick and all!

    Jodes said...

    you bet.

    Nonny said...

    Awww I didn't read your post yesterday, but I did just now. Whose being mean to you? I will hunt them down like the dogs they are. It is your decision and no one elses. If your excited/happy about it, then your friends should be too.

    We love you Jenn!

    Suze said...

    Jenn, vent when every you like it's your blog and you have some very good friends around you.

    Sal said...

    XO sweetie!

    barman said...

    OK, you have heaps of support but you had to know that. Eveyone loves you and for good reason too... Now lets get that darn old insurance company moving!

    If Crabby is coming I want to too. I promise should I faint, I will faint away from the busy doctors. Maybe I should just wait outside.

    wmy said...

    LOve the picture!! I know I need to read into your archives more and catch up, but when exactly are you planning on having the surgery? My best friend is one and a half years out from having gastric bypass...she is down 189lbs and at her goal...she looks fabulous! I know you will too!

    Mone said...

    crabby is really nice, isnt she?

    thats what blogs are for, to be happy and laugh at good times and to be sad and vent in bad times...

    gab said...

    hey gurl..I just read you answer to my song problem...thanks so much. I sure hate when I think I know what Im singing but then cant remember.

    Anonymous said...

    jenn, my blue eyed beauty, I haven't been blogging so I just learned of your decision.
    The little bit I know about you tells me you have this well thought out and it's not some spur of the moment decision for you.
    This is a bit like women who get breast implants who want to feel better about themselves and there is nothing wrong with that.
    You are beautiful and if this will make you feel better plus the health benefits by all means I support you.
    I still don't understand why you could lose friends over this but bloggers(including myself)never cease to amaze me at how serious we take things.
    Good luck sweetie, keep us informed.