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    Friday, January 19, 2007

    Theater Etiquette

    My aunt called me last minute to go see an off Broadway show last night. I decided to go since the ticket was free to me (a $50 value). The musical was All Shook Up based on Elvis Presley songs. The big star was Susan Anton. She still looks hawt! She must be 6' 5" tall. She was taller than the entire cast.

    I'm not really a musical lover. I try to like them but have a hard time with the fact that people break into song in the middle of crisis. I realize it's for entertainment purposes but still. The only exception is Purple Rain. Just kidding. The only exception for me is The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins.

    I should mention that the theater is the same one that my oldest daughter has performed at twice so I'm familiar with the layout. It's a great place, but when they built it, they didn't put a middle isle in so if you are seated in the middle, you have to climb over 50 people to get out. This is a nightmare for someone who has issues with crowds (me). I did really well until I thought about if I had to puke (an unfortunate side effect of many weight loss surgery patients). What would I do? It would take me minutes just to climb out and surely in that time I would have hurled into someone's lap while rubbing myself on them. I devised a plan that if need be I could use my coat. Lucky for me and the people near me, I had no issues with vomit.

    I'm embarrassed to say that just months ago (May) my big butt was too big to comfortably sit in the seats there. Last night however, I was quite comfortable. That is until this old broad sat next to me. She immediately stuck her arm on the armrest between us. It bugged the crap out of me then entire night. Her husband wasn't using the armrest between them so why did she have to use mine? I was there first. Doesn't that give me dibs? Why in the world would you choose to invade someone else's space that you didn't have to? I had almost overlooked her little faux pas until she started to cough on me. I got back at her the only way I knew how, I used my big hip to invade her space. She did back off a bit when I did that. I win!

    So, what is the proper placement of elbows on armrests that are shared?


    Manny said...

    You should have hurled all over the old broad.


    barman said...

    I hate it when things are that packed. That is why I do not do opening week of a new movie. I did however make an exception for a few of the Star Trek movies and it was so uncomfortable.

    Typically I end up being the person trapped with both arm rests used by people next to me and I am squeezed into a way to small for me seat.

    Oh I love musicals but I must admit I really have thought about what you mentioned, braking out in song at the drop of a hat as if no one else is around. That and singing real loud in the face of the person next to them. I mean they are right there and all. It all seems so strange but still I loves me a musical.

    kimmyk said...

    Good for you winning. I believe first one there gets the arm rest.

    Susan does look quite tall. I didn't know that she was an amazon woman.

    Anonymous said...

    One 'silent but deadly' would have took care of that shit ASAP...

    Big Pissy said...

    People are SO rude!

    I hate when they do crap like that!

    I probably would have had to say something.

    But I'm just a bitch that way. *LOL*

    Anonymous said...

    First come first sereved I say.

    Anonymous said...

    Gurl .. .LOL. . .there is no rule. . . the smarter wins. . . YOU WON!

    Anonymous said...


    Anonymous said...

    I always say Yield to the left.lol

    Anonymous said...

    Jenn, can you put my link on the Michigan Bloggers link list. I'm too stupid to do it OK?

    Anonymous said...

    Mornin Jenn..xoxxo

    crabcake said...

    That's why I stopped renewing my theater membership. It was always over crowded and I always ended up next to somebody who wanted to lean over onto my shoulder or flop their arm on my arm rest. Personal space, people! Please!

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