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    Tuesday, March 06, 2007

    Tell Me Something

    I learned to drive tractors at the age of 5. I was the driver as the men walked the fields and picked up rocks and threw them in the rock boat. I was always confused because when they wanted me to stop, they would shout, "whoa!" but I heard, "go!".

    My grandfather had a 1932 Allis Chalmers and the hand clutch had to be pulled back to put the tractor in motion. My uncle had a 1934 John Deere B and the hand clutch had to be pushed forward to make it move. Needless to say, I got confused about which made which tractor go.

    I can still start the old John Deere by hand spinning the flywheel on the side. I can pretty much run most pieces of farm equipment to this day.

    Tell me something about you that I don't know.


    wmy said...

    yesssssssssssssssss!!! First
    I gotta think of something you dont know, be back in a sec

    wmy said...

    Ok, got it
    I am a major band geek!
    Started playing clarinet in 5th grade, and never stopped! I also play the french horn..I played them both in marching band, and loved every fucking minute of it! I am one of those people who like to watch the band during half time...cause the band is the best part right?? lol

    gab said...

    well I'm not sure what year my John Deere tractor is but I learned to drive one at 5 myself. We didnt live on a farm, we lived in the cities. On most Sat's in the summer dad and I would get up at 4;30am drive 8 hours to his family farm. where we would usually stay only till Sun afternoon. I loved the farm so much that I started asking to stay 2 weeks every summer. Difference was and still is I cant nstart it someone else has to start it for me by spinning the wheel.But I can drive it better than my 2 older siblings....1 hit the chicken coop and coal bin 1 hit the barn.lol

    Susan said...

    Ha! Even I beat the G-man. His answer fu is weak!

    I did a Native American honor dance with the Crown Princess of Sweden.


    Top cat said...

    my dad and I rebuilt a 1934 Ford w/rumble seat, actually he did cause I got bored.
    Got my first ticket with it for wreckless driving.
    Later traded it for a 1957 Ford.

    buddha_girl said...

    When I quit college for two years, I ended up managing a store in a craftsman's village. Glass blowers, leatherworkers, stained glass, potters...etc. My store sold KALIEDOSCOPES!

    I even spent over a week in Seattle being wined and dined by one of the collectors who wanted me to relocate out there and manage a store she wanted to bankroll.

    Sicilian said...

    Gurl. . . I grew up where girls got on the tractor the day before they had to take the driving test. The boys. . . the drove at 5. . .me. . . I still couldn't tell you if it was a John Deere A B or what. . .
    I think those experiences make young women stronger. . .proud. . .and more self sufficient.
    Way cool.

    Jodes said...

    i was a little older when I learned but it sounds like you ansd i had alike childhoods, I bet you know what detassling corn means. ;)

    Sal said...

    I too can drive tractors. I have bailed my fair share of hey and actually harvested (picked) tobacco in Kentucky. Speaking of driving, I know how to drive an armored personnel carrier and a tank. I have shot a modern day bazooka (LAW) and have thrown a real hand grenade.

    jillie said...

    I never learned how to run any farm equipment but I did have a few friends that lived on farms and oh my the fun we had!!

    We would go into the hay barn jump from the high bales of hay until we got caught. I remember my friend, Janet was her name, trying to teach me how to milk a cow. I still never got that down. I fell in love with a little baby piglet and wanted one ever since. They didn't have horses that could be ridden but they had a couple of pony's but they were too old to ride.

    I use to have so much fun at her house. Her mom always made the best food until the first time I had fresh milk from the cow...I am sure the look on my face was priceless. It grossed me OUT! So I learned that whenever I ate dinner at their house, I just asked for a nice glass of water.

    Hmmmm...I wonder where Janet is today?

    Thanks for the memory and wala! You learned something new about me ;o)

    Suze said...

    Jenn, you are one talented lady! I would like have a go on a tractor or digger one day. :)

    MilkMaid said...

    Way cool tractors!!!

    I learned to ride my bike, shopped for my bike and RODE MY BIKE, all with MilkMan screaming his stupid head off that I WAS NOT GOING TO DO THAT.

    Showed him.


    Took a while, but he's ok with it now.

    Big Pissy said...

    No tractors for me~I'm a city girl.

    Or at least I was growing up. ;-)

    However, when I was a little girl back in the 60's, my family had a wringer-type washing machine. It was outside under a carport. I used to put the clothes through the wringer by myself (this would be the equal to the "spin" cycle in today's washing machines). I still find it hard to believe that my mother let me do that by myself.

    I could've lost a hand! *LOL*

    p.s. We finally got an "automatic" washer when I was around 10 years old. Woo Hoo! :)

    barman said...

    Wendy, a BAND GEEK? My sister started band in either 5th or 6th grade and she played the licorice stick (clarinet). I did not start until the end of 8th grade and I played the French Horn. To this day I love that instrument and the sounds of the clarinet and flute. I still have a flute but I only play with it every one in a great while. Now a keyboard, I do better with that but I still hunt and peck. Oh and I agree the half time show and of course the bands in parades.

    barman said...

    I helped out with our Senior High School year of the Music Man and fell in love with the play. I have seen it from Louisville, KY to Marquette. MI. I have seen it professionally done, community theaters, and high school with community theaters being my favorite. I have seen both movies but the original one was the only one was far as I am concerned. Some day I would love to be an extra in that play.

    So there you have it, I am a Music Man freak.

    G-Man said...

    Such a rush to be first!
    Whats the big deal anyway?
    I could have been first but I thought I'd give somebody else a chance.

    I was on Apollo 15!
    Me and John Glenn used to play poker every Friday Night for 5 years!

    barman said...

    Oh and I forgot. I learned to drive a Ford tractor myself but I was not 5. I think I was a young teen. I loved the way you turned by breaking the wheel in the direction you wanted to turn or both wheels to stop. I did not get to drive much but I still loved it.

    terry said...

    umm.... ummm.... i can't think of anything you don't know. i've written about everything.

    everything i'm prepared to admit to, anyway...

    ~~Rae~~ said...

    I can play both the Sax & the Trumpet

    The Savage said...

    I failed chemistry on purpose....