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    Thursday, May 03, 2007

    Search Results

    Here are yesterday's search results for READ THIS SIGN:

    1. Stomach virus
    2. Lots of cravings
    3. Sunglasses with neon arms
    4. Where is your gall bladder located
    5. Mother Stomach flu
    6. Horny grandma incidents
    7. I think my feet are cute
    8. Super size me
    9. Is he attracted to me signs


    G-Man said...

    ...you forgot
    11. The object of fellow bloggers fantasy's..

    You Rock my world Signgurl. xoxox

    G-Man said...

    10. and 11.
    More than one fantasy!!

    barman said...

    I like the Horny grandma incidents. Way to fun. Isn't it time for another casino trip?

    jillie said...

    LOL....I don't know if I want to take Horny Grandma Incidents OR Fellow Bloggers Fantasy's.

    Ok...I'll take Horny Grandma for 2000 Jenn....hahaha!

    Are you feeling ok? We've been missing you....xo

    Anonymous said...

    as Vinnie Babarino would say
    "I'm so confused"
    hugs jenn

    lime said...

    LOL, i'm not even going to repeat some of the weird searches i see for my place....

    Kristen said...

    horny grandma?


    Manny said...

    Which one was I? I come here because you rock!

    terry said...

    horny grandma incidents???


    Manny said...

    I'm right here babe. These days it seems to be hit or miss with me.


    kimmyk said...

    We were good til you got to 6.

    6? That's wrong. *shudders*

    Lady Roxanne said...


    Youve been tagged..

    jillie said...

    You know I luv ya!!!

    I was just worried about you but know that you've been busy. Glad you're ok


    Suze said...

    Jenn, I want to hear about the "Horny grandma incidents". ;)