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    Wednesday, April 09, 2008

    100 Ways Wednesdays, Pt. 4

    This is the third installment of 100 Ways Wednesdays. I'm in the process of listing 100 ways my life has been changed by weight loss. I will have a new list of 10 every week until I reach one hundred.

    I'm encouraging people to list their own 100 ways. It could be 100 ways your life is better because of being a parent. Or, 100 ways your life is better because of your education.

    A few people are doing their own lists, including SnowElf, Pam, Evalinn, Susy, Donna and Yippeeskip. Please check them out as they are all kinds of awesomeness.

    On with my list. You can see Part 1 , part 2, part 3.

    31 ♦ I can walk for miles and not get winded. I used to have a hard time getting to the bathroom without breaking a sweat.

    ♦ Sex is an entirely different story when both partners have lost over 300 pounds combined.

    ♦ Going to more than one place is not a problem because I don't get tired.

    ♦ Doing laundry takes much less time because our clothes take up less space in the washer.

    ♦ When you are more than 200 pounds overweight, it's hard to ever imagine that you will be "normal" sized again. Think about how depressing it is to try and lose 10 pounds and keep it off.

    ♦ Riding roller coasters is no longer a distant memory because I can fit on any of them.

    ♦ My butt fits easily on toilet seats. I'm ashamed to tell you that I did in more than my share of them in the past.

    ♦ I can get on the floor and easily get back up.

    ♦ A half gallon of sugar free ice cream will last for more than a month at our house now.

    ♦ I haven't eaten at McDonalds or Burger King since October 2006. The only fast food we eat now is chili from Wendy's occasionally.

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    snowelf said...

    I think Bryers sugar free or fat free ice cream is WAY yummy. The Edy's versions are not bad either!

    loving the list!!


    evalinn said...

    That´s awesome! :-)

    I´m doing 100 ways I changed my life for the better, I started last Wednesday. Will post tonight.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    terry said...

    wow, that color of blue is fabulous on both of you!

    how wonderful that you two have been able to share this life-altering experience.

    buffalodickdy said...

    Quite an accomplishment! Good for you two!

    Lori said...

    Wow Jenn...you and hubby look AWESOME! WOW! What a change... :)

    G-Man said...

    If I had one of those lists..YOU would be in the top 10...Galen

    Anonymous said...

    You and Mr. Sign look amazing! again, love your list. such a great idea to do this. i love it.

    Susy said...

    Lovin it... Great idea Jenn. And you and your hubby...HuBbA hUbBA

    jillie said...

    You two don't even look like the same people! Such an inspiration the two of you are!!!!!!!!!!

    lime said...

    i am just speechless when i consider that you all by yourself have lost more than an entire person in weight.

    barman said...

    Like Jillie said you two look like different people. That is simply amazing. Have you tried lifting up as much weight as you have lost. I bet it is pretty darn hard to do. You used to carry that around all the time. I have managed to wax a toilet seat or two in the past. Not fun.

    Wonderful list.

    S said...

    HI Sign! :)

    Anonymouse said...

    wow! all good stuff.. so proud of you guys sticking with it as a lifestyle change :) Good for you both!

    I haven't been around in a few weeks again and the pics look great!

    Yippeeskip said...

    love this list, I'm still stuck on last weeks revelation that you and Mr. Sign can fit in the same bed again.

    Anonymous said...

    I hadn't realised Mr Sign had got that much fitter too. No wonder the sex is so good.

    Strumpet said...

    I love that pic of you and the mister in matching blue.

    It's too great.

    These are all such major accomplishments and it's so awesome that you are sharing them with everyone.

    This is really proving to be one mother-f'ing AWESOME list and is really fun to read.