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    Friday, July 18, 2008

    Flash 55, Take 39

    Every morning I wake up and loathe the thought of using you.

    You make my life miserable in more ways than one.
    My children cannot use you, therefore I am forced
    to use you more than once a day.

    I've tried to replace you, but engineers had
    another big idea.


    If you are interested in attempting to write a 55, you can visit here. If you do one, go tell G-Man that you did.


    Anyone else annoyed by the new milk containers? They are flat on top, which I understand makes them easier to stack in the trucks and stores. The issues start when you try to pour milk from them. It dribbles down the sides and leaves that disgusting milk crust on everything. Forget letting kids try and pour their own milk. All those years of training down the tubes. I'm having to retrain myself.

    This weekend will be busy once again. I'm helping with a bridal shower tea tomorrow during the day for my cousin. I'm making cucumber sandwiches and cream puffs. Should be fun doing all that baking when the temperature is 96 degrees outside.

    Tomorrow night is the big bachelorette party. All my crazy cousins will be in attendance. We are going on the river boat. The last time I ended up being the baby sitter for my aunts and grandma. Grams was drunk, something unusual for her, and she was out dancing with the 25 year old hot guys. Go Grams!!

    I have the jello shots made and I'm planning on trying one on myself. Mr. Sign will be my chauffeur, whether he knows it or not. Look out world, SignGurl's on the loose!

    Have a great one!


    Through Thick and Thin said...

    I haven't seen the new milk jugs. Looks weird. We are always the last to get new products and stuff here anyhow so there's no telling when they will show up in the stores. Interesting though.

    barman said...

    I have not seen the new container yet. It looks like the fake milk we get for my mother since she can not tollerate dairy products. I know that is not a favorite container to me for anything.

    Ah the famous cucumber sandwiches and the cream puffs. All so very good. Add the jello shots in and you would be all set.

    Have fun but not to much fun. Of course I know you will have a blast.

    Go Grams...

    Oh and sorry ... I almost forgot. Love the 55.

    Mojo said...

    I gotta say... milk cartons was not where I was headed when I was reading... but you knew that didn't you (you vixen!).

    If you're interested, My 55 is up too.

    Rebicmel said...

    I haven't see those milk jugs yet, eek I don't like the looks of them.

    Have a wild and crazy weekend. Sounds like it is going to be a blast. Hey can you ship one of those jello shots to Oklahoma. I've read so much about them I think I need to try one.


    buddha_girl said...

    Those milk containers look STUPID. If they make their way southeast, I'm going to order my milk from a local farm who uses glass bottles. I'll suck up the extra cost.

    Have a great time this weekend! Batten down the hatches!

    SignGurl said...

    Thick & Thin~ You are lucky you are not having to use these beasts.

    Barman~ I'm pretty sure most of the milk containers are going to be this way because they are easier to transport. Now if pouring could be as easy.

    Mojo~ Hehe! I can't take credit for where your brain was heading.

    Missy~ We have so got to get you some jello shots. They are very tasty and go down too easily.

    Buddha Girl~ They are STUPID! You can't even buy milk in paper cartons anymore around here. I'm looking forward to this weekend!

    ciara said...

    lmao @ your 55. very nice! i haven't seen those milk jugs either. is that a east coast thing??

    your talk of cucumber sandwiches and cream puffs are making me hungry (especially since everyone raves about your sandwiches). the jello shots i will leave for you :)

    Mona said...

    O jenn I can relate to using such containers. They are indeed lousy. I got a 5 liter container of liquid hand soap for economical reason & now I end up spilling half of it when I try to pour!

    You are making your famous cucumber sandwiches ? I love their flower shape!

    Michele in Michigan said...

    My husband and I were just complaining about those damn jugs today! They suck ASS & the days of neat pouring are GONE.

    This must be the bridal-stuff-weekend! My daughter & I are throwing a shower for her best friend in Coldwater. Sure hope the weather holds out on Sunday; we'll be hot as hell under a huge canopy, but I'd hate to add mud to the mix LOL

    Have a great weekend!

    G-Man said...

    You guys sure have funny looking milk carton's in Lansing...
    But I sure loved your 55 Jenn..
    You Rock SignQueen!!!
    River-Boat pics please...xox

    KB said...

    Well those are some huge jugs. Don't get to say that every day, LOL. You had me guessing with your 55. Good job.

    SignGurl said...

    Ciara~ I',m making the cream puffs and cucumber sandwiches as I type. They smell yummy!

    Mona~ The sandwiches will have flower, star, square and heart shapes today. :)

    Michele~ You always crack me up! Hope your bridal shower turns out well.

    Gman~ You have funny looking...nevermind...You may or may not be on the drunk text list.

    KB~ Ahahaha!!! I do have hug jugs, don't I?

    SignGurl said...

    Haha! I said, "hug jugs"!! I meant HUGE. Gah!

    Dark Lady said...

    we don't have those milk jugs yet in my neck of the woods but I did see a segement about them on Good Morning Amercia; apparently you are supposed to rock the jug by leaving it on the table.
    Still hard to do because the cup nedds to be lower than the jug.

    I wonder if the price of milk will go down now?!

    Anonymous said...

    Kurt thought I had put bleach in the refrigerator when he saw those new milk containers. Here they're only selling them at Costco so far. I think Costco is only on the West coast and it's like a Sam's Club I guess - I don't really know I've never been to Sam's Club.

    Queenie said...

    Hate them, bring back the old milkman with his glass bottles.
    Can't wait to hear about your weekend enjoy!!!

    Anonymous said...

    you had me at jello shots, girl!

    Oh, i can't wait to find out how the party was! i know you all had a blast and you were lookin' hot, girl! :)

    lime said...

    lol, i have read about the milk jugs but i havent' seen them in action yet. they sound horrid.