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    Wednesday, July 30, 2008

    Holy Cow!

    I had a most awesome day yesterday. I went to the dentist and then took the girls and #1's boyfriend (I can't believe she's dating) to play laser tag. We had a blast! I held my own against all those sweaty teens and hot dads (*waggles eyebrows*). I went for a late walk that turned into a jog and was able to cut 1 minute off of each of 4 miles. Not too shabby!

    I weighed myself as usual this morning, only to find that I've lost another 2 pounds. Happy dancing ensued. That puts me at 182 pounds with a loss of 202 pounds. As a friend put it, I've lost 2 Back Street Boys, hehe!

    I'm just waiting for my bubble to burst.


    Dark Lady said...

    Well, gee i hope it was Kevin and the weird guy with the facial hair that you lost!

    The other BSB are waaaay cool

    barman said...

    So why did you want to lose the back street boys anyway?

    Congrats on such a super day. It is great when they come a visiting. Just run with it.

    Big Pissy said...

    Good for you! :)

    gab said...

    CONGRATS! Youve done an awesome job in your weight lose.
    Brackstreet boys off your backside?

    ciara said...

    great job! sometimes it gets frustrating when the old 'plateau' happens. wish i was as motivated as you, so that i can lose more than what i have in the last few months. (only 10 lbs and i should have been down to 200 by now...just not committing myself fully) :-/

    terry said...

    stop waiting for a bubble to burst. keep enjoying your amazing accomplishments!

    Lori said...

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Jen don't be so negative!

    Your bubble will burst when it's winter and the walking is harder...then you'll have to find a gym. ;P