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    Friday, August 08, 2008

    Flash 55, Take 42

    She began this journey long before I did,
    only to have to watch me dance and shine
    from the shadows.

    She has supported me every single step of the way
    even through her own frustration.

    Now, her day has come and I'll be there to support her.

    Good luck with your weight loss surgery, Mom!


    If you are interested in attempting to write a 55, you can visit here.
    If you do one, go tell G-Man that you did.



    smarmoofus said...

    Oooh! Good luck to your mom! I hope it goes smoothly and she's soon on her way to better health and fitness!


    Missy said...

    Jenn, I hope all goes well with your mom's surgery. Y'all can be a tag team for those times you each need the emotional support that others can't understand.

    Y'all take care and have a wonderful weekend.

    Dark Lady said...

    That brought a tear to my eye!

    Best wishes!!

    lime said...

    aww that's great. i wish her well, and i just know you are going to be a tremendous support to her in so many ways.

    ciara said...

    great 55! hope surgery goes well...having each other for support is going to be great. :)

    Queenie said...

    It will be so good for her having you for support, I wish her well. She even has a brill 55 to encourage her on.

    Mona said...

    That would be so great for her! It seems she is truly inspired by Jennifer! :)

    kimmyk said...

    congrats and good luck to your momma!!!!!!!!!

    how exciting.

    first you then mr sign and now your momma.


    G-Man said...

    Awwww Jenn.
    Thats so sweet...
    I hope Mom is as dedicated as you were and are!!!
    Great 55...Thanks Galen xox

    barman said...

    I hope all goes well and I know you will take great care of her. It will do your soul good too.

    Mona said...

    & I was thinking...that a mom inspired by you ( usually it is the other way round) is the best compliment ever! =)

    buddha_girl said...

    Good luck to you mom! She'll have a much easier road with all of your support and love!

    gab said...

    Oh good luck mom!!!! I really hope all goes well, as she does as good as youve done. 3 cheers to all 3 of you guys.

    Michele in Michigan said...

    Good luck, Jenn's Mom!!! When is her date?

    ell said...

    my best wishes go out to your mom. she's lucky to have you there to support her.

    The Savage said...

    The is much awesomeness in you.... you piss excellence!

    Lori said...

    OMG that's fantastic! And with your support she will do as great as you! I hope she lets you post before and after pics later on! GO MOM! YOU CAN DO THIS! :)))

    AND I will be sending out those positive vibes for a safe surgery.

    *S* said...

    Wishing your mom lots of luck... you are the best possible support for her.