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    Friday, August 22, 2008

    Flash 55, Take 44

    As they lay on their backs with the sun
    streaming over their bodies, they knew
    that things would never be the same.

    There was no going back from this point.
    The guilt they felt would stay with them

    How could they explain this to everyone?

    Why does junk food have to taste so good?


    If you are interested in attempting to write a 55, you can visit here to learn about it.
    If you do one, go tell G-Man that you did.


    Tonight I will be partaking in a girls night out margarita party. This is an annual event that my mom and aunt have. We will be spending the night at my grandparents pond, eating s'mores and drinking around the fire until the cows come home. I can't wait!

    Have a great weekend!


    SignGurl said...

    I should really go to bed.

    Mona said...

    LOL! That is indeed one guilt that you cannot overcome fast! Specially if you have eaten it while watching a beauty pageant! :D

    Yeah, you really should hit it baby, Its been over three am since you've been awake!

    For me, its nearing lunch time now :D

    KJ said...

    That sounds like so much fun!!! Drink one for me

    G-Man said...

    Never feel guilty if it's Not Illegal!!!!
    I knew it would come out eventually Jenny...Thanks for always trying to please me..*wink*
    Have fun tonight...G xox

    Lori said...

    Have fun! And be safe. HUGS

    Mojo said...

    Oh you tease!
    Good one gurl... you got me.
    Have yourself a salt-rimmed blast, okay?
    - Mojo

    Yippeeskip said...

    It was great talking with you! Just like an old friend. Have one on me.

    Dark Lady said...

    That sounds like so much fun!

    Queenie said...

    At first I thought your 55 was about the UK couple caught doing naughties on the Dubai beach!!!! Now junk food is much more fun... Have a great weekend it sounds like a good time will be had by all, I just hope the cows aren't to late home.....

    ciara said...

    haha yes, junk food tastes SO good at times. now if only the healthy stuff tasted as good. i have cravings now and again, but for the most part, i rarely eat sweets. not even chocolate...i'm sure some think i'm crazy LOL

    great 55! and wow, up late...do you have trouble sleeping? i do.

    Missy said...

    Jen shhhh as long as it remains a secret right lol!!!!

    Have a great time tonight, sounds like fun and the smore's woot!!! We have this huge chili cookout thingy in October with a bonfire, your 55 reminded me of this.

    Have a great weekend.

    Anonymous said...

    gawd, after the week i have had i really need to be at this marguerita party in which you speak!! oh, how fun that sounds! take some pics of your cute self drinking one and post it for us! :)

    Have a great weekend, Sign Gurl! :)

    lime said...

    man summer is just one party after another for you isn't it ;) have fun, jenn:)

    Big Pissy said...

    Y'all just have the most fun up there in Michigan!

    I think I'm gonna have to take a road trip up there next summer. ;-)

    Have a great time. :)

    The Savage said...

    Have a blast doll....

    KB said...

    Oh, so true. Nice job :)

    smarmoofus said...

    Oooh, have a blast! I partook of several margaritas while I was house-sitting and visiting in Oklahoma. I must say, it's a happy little treat. Enjoy!


    Akelamalu said...

    Ha ha I can so identify with that! Oh the guilt!

    Great 55 and I love your new pictures of you. :)

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my 55.

    Sarah said...

    I am totally jealous.

    And yes.. Junk food is wonderful because of its high level of kicking your ass!

    kimmyk said...

    sounds like a great way to spend a friday nite!!

    i hope that you had a great time with your family.

    and omg, i love s'mores!