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    Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    Skin Issues

    Herein lies my biggest issue of the moment:


    terry said...

    you are amazing. and the people who are bothered by your excess skin?? need to FUCK THE HELL OFF.

    jesus, what business is it of theirs? do they really not understand the way you've transformed your life??

    (i should not comment under the influence.)

    Mona said...

    Of course you will learn to deal with it!

    It is not such a major issue, and what you have worked towards is far more important: the health issue.

    These are just minor imperfections ( which I feel that everyone has in some respect or the other)

    Kudos to you Jennifer, for being so bold about all this, & coming out in the open regarding this 'problem'(which I don't feel is one;except maybe for you as far as the discomfiture factor is concerned). You know you are not only one determined girl, but a very brave determined girl!!


    stalkermom said...

    OMG you're the best person ever! I LOVED your video and your attitude is awesome!

    lime said...

    don't let other people who are bothered get to you. you have so much to be proud of. and it sounds like you have a healthy and realistic attitude.

    buddha_girl said...

    Yeah. What Terry said.

    Fuck the people who have something to say. I walk around with the same shit all over my body and thank God I can do THAT rather than just rot away in a coffin due to succumbing from morbid obesity.

    So. You and I will live with skin rather than live with the fat. And we shall be happy. And role models. And support systems. And good, damn women.

    The SAME people who are bothered by the excess skin were most likely 'bothered' by the fat and would be BOTHERED by some-fucking-other-thing as well.

    Missy said...

    Jenn, I know you don't really know me, I found you by way of Galen's blog, but I always loved the openness with which you address issues and such so I feel almost like I do know you as a friend, so I am going to suggest that you don't worry about what others say. Everyone has an opinion, that is all it is an opinion. You know what is best for you. We can't always be worrying about how to please others.

    You need to love you. Girl look at you and your journey, you've accomplished so very much and in my best Billy Crystal voice I will say your look marvelousssssssss.

    When I see you I don't see flaws, I see successes. I don't see loose skin I see a woman whose met goals.

    We have two choices in life and that is to either let what happens get us down or let it build us up.
    Hey if you are happy that is all that matters. Your husband was on this journey with you wasn't he?

    I bet he loves you as you are and you him, your daughters love you and that is the important thing.

    Anything else is trivial shumuck. Hell I wouldn't want my legs being cut and tucked nope nope nope.
    I have watched many of these surgeries done and girl "OUCH" is the word.

    Kudos to your success and Jenn seriously kiddo you are gorgeous,

    terry said...

    i just thought of something else: you should make a rule that no one -- especially those closest to you who should KNOW BETTER ALREADY -- gets to comment on your body. at all.

    if they want to say, "hey, you look great," that's acceptable.

    anything else? they can keep it to themselves.



    G-Man said...

    I couldn'y hear a word you said, I was just waiting for that blue top to came off..Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    SignGurl said...

    Terry~ It's hard for people around me to remember where I came from. They get to see me every day and sometimes forget.

    Mona~ I'm so happy to have the benefit of being healthy. I know I will work through these issues as well.

    Stalkermom~ Well, thank you very much!

    Lime~ It's hard not to be affected when others are judging you so closely. I have a great attitude about it and am happy to have come so far.

    Buddha Girl~ You and I can rock the skin together, sister! I know you know more than anyone what I'm dealing with. You have been such an amazing support for me from beginning to end. Thank you!

    Missy~ Thank you for always giving such kind words to me when I need it. You are so insightful. I have always been a people pleaser and find that hard to change about myself. I'm working on it though :)

    Terry~ I love you! I should show this comment to my family.

    Gman~ This is not Girls Gone Wild...yet...

    Lori said...

    lol at G-man! He's definately good for the ego, no? hehe

    Jenn, I CANNOT believe that your dad would be that way. Says alot about what he is as a person. I'm sorry to say that but it's true...you are such a good person and do not deserve that sort of comment. At all.

    I can imagine the issues that would come with extra skin. To tell you the truth, even though I don't have as much weight to lose as you've lost, I have feared the extra skin issue. You know, screw that! I need to be satisfied at some point! I need to be ok with me! (substitute the word 'you' for 'I') hehe

    HUGS girl

    Anonymous said...

    do you know how absolutly adorable you are!

    i'm with terry! those people that can't deal with excess skin can back the fuck off!

    ugh, that makes me mad, Signgurl. cuz you are so freaking beautiful. You look about 25!

    so own your fabulousity, girl. just own it. because you are FABULOUS! :)

    barman said...

    Hey parents always want more for their children. It could be that way with your Dad but you know what, skin hanging and all you do look wonderful I know what you have went through and the inspiration you have been to others. I only focus in on that. You look awesome girl. I am very proud of you and all you have accomplished. Now how about pleasing yourself for a change. You have accomplished so much.

    Sarah said...

    Jesus Jen.. And here I didnt notice anything when I saw you at my graduation party! mostly cause I love you and it isent that noticable! Bizatch.

    But yeah.. I love you

    Dark Lady said...

    Hmmm...is it really people who are upset over your excess skin or your father and his wife?

    We are always looking for parental approval and so rarely get it. Think of it as a learning experience and hug your girls a little closer and give them the approval your (insert rude adjective here) father is not capable of giving you.
    And if that doesn't work you can always just stand REAL close to your father and wife and wave smacking them in their thick craninums with your skin. :)

    Every woman I know is on this long journey to body acceptance and every woman I know hasn't reached the destination, yet. Maybe it's not for us, the final destination, maybe it really is just about the journey and the stops along the way, some wonderful some not so much.

    Regardless you have accomplished a feat so amazing and it's an honor and a privilage to know you!

    What the Chuck said...

    Hi Jenn,

    You SO ROCK.

    You are breaking ground, showing how to deal with morbid obesity and recovery.

    You are just my hero. As a country, we are headed for an extreme health crisis, and by following you, as a writer, I'm developing thoughts on how to discuss these issues and help pull us back from the brink.

    A big XOXOXO and keep writing!


    ell said...


    i am just amazed and in awe of all you have accomplished as you should be too. the heck with what some insensitive people might say. you have done something so incredible, so inspiring, and you should be so proud. on top of it, you are one of the sweetest, most positive people i have never met, but would love to some day. your positive outlook and great sense of humor are a joy to behold.

    hugs and love to you!

    you rock girl!!!

    ell said...
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