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    Wednesday, November 12, 2008


    Walking through the mall with my friend, we noticed a kiosk selling body jewelry.

    My friend said, "You should get your belly button pierced."

    My reply was, "Have you SEEN my belly button?"

    Friend, "No."

    My retort, "Me neither!"

    Hopefully this didn't lose anything in translation.


    barman said...

    I really think the only people that can get away with having that done is someone that has a really flat tummy. I would say more than half of the people that have them should not. I think you have a gorgeous face. If you could only do something that drew more attention there... no, not a nose ring.

    Through Thick and Thin said...

    I'd love to get my belly button pierced - howver my belly is not a pierced sort of belly. I'll stick to getting my nose done again.

    lime said...

    i'm considering piercing my belly button and my nipples just so i can use the studs as ways to hoist everything that sags....hook em to my bra straps, ya know?

    now just try to get that image out of your mind....bwahahahah

    Anonymouse said...

    I had mine done a long time ago... but they put a scope hole right there for some surgery or another and I never had it redone... my belly looks icky now anyway *L*

    The Savage said...

    I haven't seen your belly button either....

    Big Pissy said...

    hee hee! ;-)

    kimmyk said...

    if i had a tummy worth showing off i would. but then again i'm 41 and far too old to be wearing clothes that would show off my belly button.

    i can't imagine, i mean grab that part of your tummy and pinch it then think of someone driving a hook through it.

    hell no.

    i talk myself out of shit all the time...ha!

    g-man said...

    Just do it!!!
    It would look great. Your tummy is looking fantastic.
    Everything about you looks fantastic!!

    Strumpet said...

    I had my navel pierced back in '95.

    I don't regret it for a second, BUT...

    ..I think I like how it looked better before I pierced it.

    You're not missing out on anything.


    However, I have to say that I agree with Galen.

    You are FANTASTIC, Sign-babe.

    If it's something that YOU want to do, then do it.

    Simply stated, nothing else matters.

    A navel ring never hurt anybody.

    It does pinch a little though.


    Sicilian said...

    I've always thought why in tje world would anyone want to draw attention to their belly at age 48. . . . today I looked at mine. . . . it has stretch marks in it. . . . eeeeewwwwhhhhhh. . . . I don't think I can get skinny enough to want to have people looking at my belly.