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    Tuesday, August 28, 2007

    Getting To Know Me

    I thought I would post some useless trivia about me. Some of it was posted almost 2 years ago.

    On with the freak show....

    1. I drive a light blue Nissan Quest. Have you seen one? Check out the dash.

    2. I work for my stepdad who I couldn't wait to get away from when I lived with him (not because he was abusive but because we are too much alike).

    3. I love my job because it's an outlet for my creativity.

    4. I am good at home improvements. I can hang and finish drywall or build a deck.

    5. I married the first (and only) man I ever slept with.

    6. Measuring is a major part of my job. I can center a sign to 1/32 of an inch.

    7. My job requires some hard labor digging holes and pounding in posts.

    8. I spent the last 10 years volunteering at my daughters' elementary school.

    9. I have a best friend that I would do almost anything for.

    10. I talk to my mom at least 3 times a day.

    11. I had hyperemesis (extreme vomiting) during both pregnancies. I threw up an average of 7 times an hour. I didn't eat or drink anything for 2 weeks (because I couldn't) and was hospitalized both times.

    12. Growing up I thought I was fat. Looking back now I know I wasn't as fat as I thought.

    13. I have terrible self esteem.

    14. Gardening is a passion for me.

    15. I would be happy if I never got another new thing.

    16. The goals I set in life are based on people, not money.

    17. I am the oldest of two. I have a sister.

    18. I grew up in the country, living on a farm.

    19. My grandfather taught me to drive a tractor at age 5. I worked for him and made $.50 and hour. I thought I was rich.

    20. I cleaned hog barns for 2 years in order to be able to go to Europe when I was in high school and I liked doing it.

    21. I am a whore for Tequila. I used to drink 12 shots straight up and still stand up and carry on a conversation.

    22. Growing up I thought that masturbating was bad but couldn't stop doing it.

    23. I dated a really hot guy who turned out to be gay. I was devastated but he was prettier than I was and I didn't need that kind of competition.

    24. I have had an obsession with Prince since I was 13.

    25. I worked for a top 5 life insurance company for 5 years in the underwriting department.

    26. I stayed home for 10 years with my girls. But I worked on days (cleaning houses) that my husband didn't.

    27. I started modeling at age 5. I stopped when I got married. I have been asked several times to do it again but think I'm too fat.

    28. I finished the school reading program in 6th grade that was supposed to last until 10th grade. My dad wouldn't let me skip a grade.

    29. I am a good cook.

    30. I have fun almost everywhere I go .

    31. I have always been fat but have always tried to be active.

    32. My husband didn't know my name until the 3rd date.

    33. He proposed to me on the 1st date. Hmmm....

    34. I love the way my teeth look.

    35. My hair is my second best attribute.

    36. My first concert was Weird Al Yankovic in 1988.

    37. I am overprotective of my girls because of things that have happened in my youth.

    38. I secretly (maybe not so secret now) wonder what sex would be like with someone other than my husband.

    39. I also wonder if i should get counseling.

    40. I strive to make others like me and can't figure out why I care.

    41. The internet, particularly blogs, have become an obsession.

    42. I was addicted to Diet Pepsi. I haven't had one in almost a year.

    43. I love music. I almost always have on my MP3 player.

    44. I have only smoked pot once and it made me paranoid.

    45. My mother in law was Sicilian and grew up with the Kennedy's.

    46. My husband and I have a generation gap even though he is only 8 years older. His parents were older than my grandparents. His sister is older than my mother.

    47. I have been told that I have psychic abilities by 3 different psychics.

    48. Winter camping is a hobby for me. We tent camp in the snow.

    49. I love to be outside no matter what the weather.

    50. I took care of both of my in-laws when they were dying of cancer (even though my mother-in-law hated me).

    51. I wanted to be a chiropracter when I grew up but got married instead.

    52. I am a great poker player. I learned as a child. We played poker every weekend when I was a kid.

    53. I've learned that men don't like to be beaten at poker by a woman.

    54. I'm too afraid to play in the poker rooms at the casinos. Those old men just give you dirty looks.

    56. I have an addictive personality but have been able to control all of them except food.

    57. I had surgery to rearrange my intestines (Gastric Bypass) in October 2006.

    58. I have currently lost over 150 pounds.

    59. I never dreamed I would be able to lose this much weight.

    60. I haven't had refined sugar or caffeine in almost a year.

    61. Mr. Sign and I have been married almost 18 years.

    If you made it this far you are a superhero and I thank you for caring enough to read this.


    lime said...

    this was a wonderful window into who you are. i'm glad you did this.some of them made me laugh, some made me want to cry. some amazed me.

    oh yeah...and i am first , baby!!!

    lime said...

    prince, weird al, and having fun wherever you go....no wonder i like you!

    The inside of me said...

    That was very interesting. I haven't had sugar in over ...wait reset that 10 seconds, lol I wish I could give it up.

    Anonymous said...

    I think you have to edit number 13 since you first wrote this.:)

    G-Man said...

    You forgot how stunningly beautiful you are...
    And that you are the technical advisor for a useless piece of shit that adores you!!

    barman said...

    I love when people do things like this. And I like seeing this again. Some I very much recognize, some I forgot, some was new.

    Like TC said, I think number 13 has improved... fact I know it has.

    When you said you have an addictive personality I agreed. I think you are a very addictive person. Once you get to know you, you want to get to know more. You are a super person with a delightful personality.

    Thanks for doing this.

    snowelf said...

    This was SO much fun to read!!!

    And so many sympathies about your pregnancies!! Wow. I also threw up A LOT during mine too. Not nearly as much as you, but every morning and every night, almost all night I practically lived in the bathroom for 8 of the 9 months!! Yuck.

    You're such an awesome person Jenn, and I am so glad to know you.


    Sicilian said...

    Gurl. . . it was all interesting. It is amazing how many things we don't talk about out loud.
    I admire that you did.

    jillie said...

    This is a great way to get to know more about the wonderful JENN!!!!

    You are a real person with a heart of gold. You are not a materialistic person and you believe in hard work and it's too bad other people can't share these same values.

    I have never read about what you have have have or what you don't have. You glow (I am thinking that you do) when you talk about your family...that's what's important to you!

    I wished we were living closer together because I am sure we would have some fun times!! TEQUILLA BABY!!!! lol

    evalinn said...

    What a great post, u are a great person!

    Lady Roxanne said...

    love you.